Peter Pentland
1. Mallee Crutcher
2. Last Woodcutter
A long long time ago!
MP3 files to download
Here are the songs from the Me Beaut Little Fergie Tractor CD. Have a listen by left clicking on the link, or download by right clicking and choosing the 'save target as' option. If you want to buy the CD you can get it from Folktrax. Just follow the link below.

If you feel like having a go at singing this stuff, follow the link to the lyrics page. I can't play any instruments or write music, but some people who can have given me the chords to some of the songs. Contact me and I'll have a look in the shed and see if I can find them if you're interested.

You can also download and/or listen to episodes of a radio series Haiku Radio of the Air that I did in the 1980s with Derek Holmes on 3RRR.
3. Bluey
4. The Old Clock
5. Ruffer's Guts
6. Fergie Tractor
7. Potato Picker
8. Poor Old Woman
9. The Croquet Match
10. Old Jim
11. The Herringbone
12. Taste For Religion
13. Home Again
14. Yabby
15. Cranky Fresian Heifer
16. Bull in a Bowler Hat
17. Pig Song
18. Dolly
19. Alzheimer's Waltz
20. Two Heads
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A brief biography
Peter Pentland is an old coot who has been around the folk scene since the mid-70s.He is probably best remembered for his Fergie tractor song. He used to emcee the Whole Gamut afternoons. He also had a bit to do with the bookings.  Contact him here.

After the release of the LP record, Me Beaut Little Fergie Tractor in 1979, Peter was 'discovered' by John Pinder, the owner of The Last Laugh theatre restaurant in Melbourne. Peter became a stand-up comedian, performing at such places as Le Joke, the Banana Lounge and Catch a Rising Star. He also was a member of The Coodabeen Champions footy show  on 3RRR in Melbourne before it was popular or profitable to do so.

Peter left the Coodabeens to co-write and act in the radio shows The Bindyborowaks and Haiku Radio of the Air  with Derek Holmes. They also aired on 3RRR  in the mid 1980s. Follow the link for a listen.

Power to the Farmer
This song was produced for an International Harvester sales conference in the 70s. It is a beautiful thing, but I had nothing to do with it.
Perth October 2008
Playing the invisible banjo?