11 February 2007
Suzette Herft
Jeremy P Martin
Beyond Barricades

Whole Gamut 11 February 2007
Greetings Gamuteers and happy New Year to you all.  I hope we've all been able to get rid of the last of the sand from our underwear and navels and have joyfully embraced our regular humdrum lives. Gees it's hot and dry isn't it?  Paul Keating had the recession we had to have and now Johnny Howard is having the global warming we have to have so as we can build our very own nuclear reactor.  Life is beaut. 

But don't fret, I'll be having my February bath on Saturday night in the old sheep dip out the back (the water's gone a bit green and thick but I reckon it'll do me until the next rains come) so I'll be fresh and clean to welcome you all back the Whole Gamut Acoustic Music club on Sunday, February 11, kicking off at three o'clock.  This month we welcome back two old favourites and greet a superb new act.

3.15 Jeremy P Martin
Jeremy has extensive solo acoustic experience with many tours and CDs under his belt. Find out more by visiting his website, and of course by coming along on Sunday.
Find out more about Jeremy by following the link below

4.00 Suzette Herft
Suzette has been writing a big swag of new songs and she wants to try out a few on us before hitting the recording studios later in the year.  And judging by the e-mail she sent to all the people on her list it's been thirsty work because she wants to have a drink with everyone.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Suzette was a finalist in APRA's 2005 bestest folksong of the year award. (Or something like that.)

5.00 Beyond Barricades
Beyond Barricades is a folk acoustic trio that blends the modern art of breaking melodic and harmonic boundaries with the ancient art of storytelling.  Parables of freedom, connection with the land, connection with each other; parables of everyman and everywoman, are some and harmonized, accompanied by guitar, flute and oboe.

Dean Merlino (voice and flute), the band's main songwriter, has performed in every state in Australia.  His songs have won acclaim overseas, with previous bands receiving airplay in the USA and Canada, France and the UK.

Geza Paukovic (guitar), has toured up and down the east coast, from Hobart to Canberra and Bowen.  He has also played across Eastern Europe.

Judi Mitchell (voice and oboe), has performed coast-to-coast across Australia.  She has also played and recorded in England and Scotland.  Recording with Belle and Sebastian, Judi joined them on their 2004 Australian tour.

Their wealth of experience in both music and lights, and their belief in the triumph of the human spirit, combined to create moving and at times intense performances. Check them out at

As usual I'll be passing amongst you all with the collection plate so that we can help to cover the performers' costs.  Gold coins or five bills will do, depends on what you can afford.  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at the Whole Gamut Acoustic Music club, in the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd Brunswick.

Archive 2007
18 March 2007
Nyssa Bradsworth
Andy Gorwell
Peter Pentland
Hi folks, I hope you aren't all folked out after the Port Fairy Festival and can make it along to The Whole Gamut this week. 3PM - 6PM, Sunday 18 March at the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd Brunswick.
I will be the crowd warmerer-upper this week with my usual selection of prog-bush music about animals and farm machinery. Let me quote some of my reviews from past incarnations; "Thuggish, calculated and mindless" - The Age, "Australian classic" Coodabeen Champions, "sensitive tribute album" - Irish Times, "a great comedian, but we couldn't understand a word he said" - some reporter from the New York Times (I don't think that made it into print), "You've got Buckley's" Brunswick Music Festival. And hasn't that got you salivating? No - Oh well.
You can sample my stuff at
as a part of the steadily evolving Whole Gamut website.
4.00 PM Andy Gorwell
Andy Gorwell plays a blend of music that at first glance would seem to defy categorisation. Incorporating elements of blues, soul and country  the music highlights a strong affinity toward eclecticism thus making it impossible to pigeonhole his music. That being said it is evident that throughout his musical sojourns the one element that consistently surfaces is that subversive element commonly referred to as ‘punk ethos’.
Here be some of his reviews:
Rootsmusicreport USA. '..a roots country delight. Earthy and down to basics.' 4/5 stars
Roots Town Magazine Belgium. "If the delicious fingerpicking twanging, bottleneck roots on Uprooted is any indication I dont want to miss anything from this up and coming talent. A future star."
American UK, "Uprooted adds up to a blistering collection of altcountry mantra..Gorwell has the basic art down to  a tee."
Home of Rock Magazine, Germany. "This is a guy of great talent..What a great country rock album."
You can check out Andy’s music at http://www.myspace.com/andygorwelltheprodigalsons
5.00 PM Nyssa Bradsworth
Singer/Songwriter Nyssa Bradsworth, with her style rooted in the folk tradition has a promising future. She has become very versatile, drawing also from such genres as Funk, Blues and Rock also Jazz, Pop and R&B. Nyssa fuses these influences with quality musicianship to deliver great, new, original music, which is diverse but grooving, and is accessible to any taste. Nyssa began performing at the age of 13 as a solo artist in the country town of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria, performing at venues such as Festival Hall and the Victorian Arts Center, and many other bars and cafes around the state. Nyssa has won numerous Kool Skools awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Acoustic Song, as well as many singing and song writing awards from 1999-2002. You can also get a taste of Nyssa at
As usual, the croquet-box-of-generosity will be passed around for contributions for the artistes.
See youse there

Sunday 15 April
Annie Kennedy and Associates
Annie Kennedy's debut CD is a surprising mix of the sassy and the
soulful. Wise,witty songs spiced with chocolatey vocals, and elegant
arrangements. They describe what everyone is thinking about but find hard to put in
words. The combination of voice guitar and tuba add a quirky aesthetic which
complements the themes.
The CD includes songs written by Annie as well as collabrative material
with well respected songwriter and musician David Wayman and tuba player
Robyn Heesh. The songs deal with the personal and universal, providing some
left of field perspectives on subjects as diverse as global warming, fatal
attractions, right through  soul territory to the vulnerable human
Steve Bell
Steve Bell has been a musician, composer, engineer, and educator for the last 30 years. He is looking forward to doing solo versions of some recent psychedelic cowboy blues songs as well as some old blues favourites.
Craig Pittendrigh
Craig is an acoustic folk/rock songwriter and performer. He has been writing songs since 1994 and performing them live since 1998. He writes songs that tell a story in a humorous way. He plays his music strictly on an acoustic style with the only backing being acoustic guitar and sometimes harmonica or mandolin as needed.
13 May 2007
Vince Brophy is a singer song writer, performer and a finger style guitar player.
Here's a quote from his website: "I love alternate tunings on my guitars and I love guitars as well as other stringed instruments, in their many shapes and form. I also love performing to an audience, presenting what I’ve found in the form of songs & tune or stories and I believe the old saying ‘There are new songs within old melodies”. It is all very true. This is why I lean on my Irish heritage for assistance and my childhood in England and Australia and particularly what was played on the radio & TV from pop to jazz ,blues folk and of course the acoustic singer song-writer so I am “The Acoustic Balladeer”.

I have a mother who danced a father who sang and a granny that played fiddle in Dublin, Ireland. And having been born there, that’s enough reason for me to carry on the tradition. I think!

As a player I use a lot of musical styles, I am constantly being teased and seduced by what I hear. Can I play this on my guitar I ask? What would that sound like? An audience would love this!"
Find out more about Vince and have a listen at http://www.vincebrophy.com

Tom Bolton’s finely-crafted and lyrical contemporary folk songs come out of many years' journeying into music. With a growing reputation as an engaging and energetic performer at folk clubs and acoustic music venues in Victoria and interstate, his sparse acoustic guitar and soaring vocals cover the spectrum of emotional light and shade, often accompanied by the deep velvet sounds of Richard Grace on double-bass. His first album Acoustic Caravan was released in 2003 and I believe he is about to release another very, very soon. Check Tom out at http://www.sensibletom.com/.

Insideout are a new acoustic duo from the Melbourne ‘burbs, combining male  and female vocals with acoustic guitar. With a mix of covers and originals  with lingering harmonies and thoughtful words across time, they are a  fresh addition to the Melbourne music scene.

A fabulous afternoon with three terrific acts. I had a great time. - PP
10 June 2007

Kate Eve
Connection, community and resonance underpin Kate’s performances, with a voice that moves easily between fragile tenderness, gut-punching power and effervescent warmth. With acoustic guitar sounds of clarity and richness, she easily carries a dynamic, fresh repertoire of well-crafted, original songs to broad audiences.

As a community focussed, grassroots performer, Kate has been making songs for over 20 years and performing even longer with choirs, bands and as a solo act, in bars, pubs, galleries, cafes, restaurants, festivals, sheds, churches, halls, fund/awareness raisers...

Russ Aimz
Sunday 8 July 2007
Greetings once again Gamuteers.
Its on again this Sunday in the smoke-free environs of the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd Brunswick. There will be a special guest operformance by the Mad Hatter of Benalong who will amaze you with what he can pull out of his hat. (I'd like also to quash the vicious rumours that have surface recently about Janette and I. We are simply the best of fiends and I was merely at Kirabilli House for a private fund-raising event. I hope to be invited back so that I can retrieve my trousers. As many of you know, I own two of Malcolm Fraser's old suits and these things lose their trousers spontaneously. I have no way of controlling them. Oh Janette, Janette, Janette....)
Sorry, where was I? Oh yes
Kathryn Clements
A guest performance from a pre-eminant performer and interpreter of celtic music. Phillip Adams described her as having the exquisite voice of an angel. And who am I to argue with that? Hear her strutt her stuff at 4 pm.

Dale Dunbar
Dale, a fine young local singer songwriter, will kick off proceedings at 3 of the clock. Have a tasty sample of his fare at

Peter Russo
Its Peter's birthday and he'll be singing what he damn-well wants to. I've put him on at 5 o'clock so he'll have time to wake up from his afternoon nap. But there's still fire in the belly as you'll be able to judge from his latest compositions. Old trees they just grow stronger, rivers run wilder every day and Peter just keeps getting better and better.

Peter Russo is Australian born with an Italian surname. Before finding himself in a legal wilderness for a decade or two he wrote and performed his songs around various Melbourne acoustic venues that have all since closed.

He believes ethnically he is in reality a Celt due to the invasion of Sicily centuries before by the Celts amongst other assorted Goths, Vandals and Vikings. He claims to have been called "O'Russ in a former life.

Peter felt compelled to write songs again during that mid-life period all men over 40 dread, as he was unable to afford and too fearful to ride large and powerful motorbikes. Singing and playing an aged and battered Gibson guitar is now his preferred cup of poison.

He describes his pot pourri of musical influences as including "a dash of Cohen, a smattering of Simon, a teaspoonful of Taylor and even a pinch of Puccini." His other interests include alliteration.

His independent debut album, due to be released shortly, is Songs of Love and Venom.

As usual, the battered sav ... er hat .... will be passed around to collect funds to affray the performers' legal costs.

12 August 2007

Raelene Bruinsma
Raelene's passion and love for sharing song and story through the medium of voice is mesmerizing for audience and student alike. Whether performing solo, in a duo or group, recording, teaching, or facilitating workshops, her disarming vulnerability combined with a rare strength, authentic warmth and expressive voice makes for an exciting musical journey.
Drawing on a range of influences as diverse as classical, jazz, blues, folk, and gospel, Raelene creates songs that are funny, insightful, poetic, emotionally raw and real, uplifting, and at times transformative.

Andy Gosling
Andy is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Rainbow, in the Victorian  Mallee. He draws inspiration for his songs from work, travels and the
colourful characters from the past and present. Andy's strong colonial voice and lively rhythm creates a distinct Australian sound.

Andy has a myspace site with a couple of songs If you would like to havea listen

Mandy and Helen
Mandy Keating & Helen McLachlan have played music together for over a decade. Originally from Geelong, they have played together in celtic bands (Paddiwack, Dandara, Finn McCool) and are now playing as a duet. They have a unique sound, revealing subtle anglo-celtic melodies, moving lyrics, warm and inviting harmonies and rhythmic influences of bluegrass, celtic, folk and gospel.

Mandy and Helen are both talented musicians & songwriters, they play around seven instruments between  them. They refer to their music (which is both originals and covers) as contemporary celtic. In their performances, they have created a unique diverse sound by combining their talents on guitars, banjo, whistle, mandolin, percussion and vocals.
As a duet, Mandy and Helen have recently finished their first CD titled ‘Our Town’ which contains both traditional and contemporary music, as well as a couple of originals.
Sunday 9 September 2007
Marni Sheehan and the Sugardaddies
Marni  Sheehan (vocs, guitar, mandolin & accordion) & the fabulous Sugar Daddies, James Williams (vocs, guitar, banjo & piano) and Tony Spizzica (vocs, upright bass) have wowed  audiences with their seasoned musicianship and versatility.  Soulful original songs as well as fingerpicking favourites from Doc Watson & Elizabeth Cotton feature in the sets along with old timey blues from Dock Boggs and the Memphis Jug Band.      Marni & the Sugar Daddies have done the rounds of festivals including  Maldon , Chewton, Coastfest,  Wandong, as well as various folk clubs and music venues Syd & Melb 2005/06/07. 

Sample tracks of Marni's latest album 'INSIDE STORIES' can be heard on Marni's MySpace site. 

Leigh Sloggett
For the past five years Leigh has been building his reputation as a solo acoustic performer playing local venues, folk clubs and festivals. His performances are built around his original songs which are delivered with his distinct vocals and powerful finger picking on lap-slide and standard steel string guitar. In April 2006 he released his debut album 'Sliding To Your Destiny' which has received airplay on community radio stations across Australia as well as in France, Belgium, Canada and America. Leigh is currently working on recording his next CD which is planned for released later in 2007.

David O'Brien
Born in what is known as the Irish heartland of Victoria Koroit, David spent most of his youth swinging between his Irishness and embracing the music of the 70s. In the end he blended both and added some Aussie as well. He has been singing since he was young in Choirs bands etc. (playing guitar of sorts). David's father was a poet and he has a little of that in him too. David presents of a program called Emu, Fox, Thistle & Shamrock on North West Fm 98.9. His show will feature some Irish & Australian songs, some of his own compositions, poetry, a Capello singing and a yarn or two.

14 October 2007

Gluefoot is a  musical act based in Melbourne, Australia. Players include John, Derek, Fiona, Caz, Pete, Sean, Phil and others over time.
Gluefoot sounds like expeimental pop / electro-folk / disquiet country music. Involved lyrics/stories. Instrumental and sound art pieces.
Inspired by:
Low, Silver Jews, Sonic youth, Smog,  Lambchop...
Also: detective movies, old phone messages, trains, rain on asphalt...all kinds of everything.


Penelope Swales
Much of Penelope's writing reflects her twin passions of social justice and passionate life. Her latest album “Skin: Deep” (2007) explores the uncharted territory of human relationships and the dark underbelly of our desires. Written as an antidote to the drier aspects of academia, she describes it as “polymorphous love songs” – polymorphous meaning many changing shapes. Stripped back to soaring, evocative vocal and powerful and intricate guitar, the production is as bare as the subject matter, giving a sense of nakedness and utter honesty. Her 2003 studio album "Monkey Comfort" was number 6 on the Australian Independent Blues and Roots charts for two months and garnered numerous 4-star reviews. In 2005 at the behest of fans she released "Archive Vol 2: Songs from the Borderline" which showcases the best of 3 early releases that had been unavailable for over a decade.

Debra Manskey
Throughout her long career, Debra has graced many concert stages and festivals across Australia, including Pt Fairy Folk Festival, Moomba, Cygnet Folk Festival and Tasmania's jewel, 10 Days on the Island.  In recent years as a solo performer she has also supported other outstanding artists such as The Stiff Gins, Neil Murray, Sophie B Hawkins, Mick Thomas and the inimitable Dave Graney.

One of the founding members of Australian 80's indie darlings Wild Pumpkins at Midnight, Debra's trademark, soaring vocals contributed to the Pumpkins' 1990 ARIA award for "This Machine is Made of People" (Best Independent Release).  Debra is also highly regarded as an arts administrator and educator.  She regularly conducts specialist workshops for adults and children in voice, songwriting and music business competencies.

In 2006, Debra performed with Sophie B Hawkins, supported The Bat Band, conducted workshops and performances on King Island in western Bass Strait, been celebrated as a 'Tasmanian Living Writer' and produced 'Live Sampler' - a recording from The Peacock Theatre, Hobart, released in September (Tasmania) and October (Melbourne).

Now based back in her beloved Tasmania and working as a solo artist, this woman has charmed audiences around the world with her incredible live shows.  A mixture of folk, punk, roots (and everything in between!) and overlaid with 'one of the finest female voices imaginable' (Rock'n'Reel Magazine, UK) this is an artist not to be missed.