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12 Feb 2006
The featured artists are Andy Copeman, Suzette Herft and Chris Thanasenaris. There will also be our usual selection of the finest poets that Melbourne has to offer.
Suzette Herft is a local singer/songwriter with 2 excellent CDs behind her. She has been active in refugee support projects and was named as a finalist in the Folk category of APRAís 2005 MUSICOZ Awards.
Andy Copeman is visiting from WA and this will be his only Melbourne appearance. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound artist, recording engineer and folk singer Andy Copeman presents an exciting and innovative series of musical and sonic journeys, combining music and tunes from many lands with original music and soundscape recordings.
The Spelman Project
"Spelman" is a Swedish word for a player of folk music, but it also conveys a weaver of spells through music and sounds. Andy draws his musical ideas from the Celts, England, Scandinavia, the Balkans, his home in Western Australia and many other places.
Andy has appeared at the National Folk, Port Fairy, Maldon and numerous other festivals around the country in a musical career that has spanned two decades.
Visit his web site at
Chris Thanasenaris has had many years experience in local rock bands and promises a lively unplugged solo set of to round out the evening.

19th March 2006
Kylie Klumpp and Faye performing a selection from Kylieís first, just released, CD
Chris Brennan, Ballaratís premier acoustic performer, singer and song writer
The Biscuit Kings, a brilliant, inspirational, live-wire blues duo

9th April 2006
Alex Legg
Penelope Swales
Graeme Smith

10 December 2006
I know itís the Christmas Madness Season and that we are all flat out like lizards drinking (allegedly). And a warning to all the lizards out there Ö drink responsibly!
For your edification and sanity restoration, the Wholy Glamorous Music Club is on again this Sunday (December 10) at the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd (cnr Weston St) Brunswick (we would have it in any other suburb) from 3 PM to 6 PM.
Commencing the gig will be the sartorially attired Michael Plater (3PM). 
Having played in a succession of bands in Queensland and Melbourne, Michael Plater began playing solo in early 2004, following the dissolution of his last band.  Solo, his music moved away from the overt "rock'n'roll" that had characterised his previous bands, taking in various country, folk, gothic, lounge and "noir" influences. 
Often compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave, The Triffids, Joy Division, and Johnny Cash, Michael also counts among his influences Scott Walker, Tom Waits, Will Oldham, The Go-betweens, Tindersticks, Television, Bob Dylan, Suede, and Crime and the City Solution.
Solo or otherwise, Michael has played at such Australian venues as the empress, the espy, the vic, rics, the cue bar, the dan o'connell, the wesley-anne, dream nightclub, yak speakeasy, the rob roy, and the cornish arms. 
Check out his website at
The last time we had Nyssa Bradsworth at the club she knocked everyonesí socks off with some brilliant singing and finely crafted songs. If you missed her then, make sure you donít missout this time. She will have extra backing too. Check her out at I canít recommend her highly enough! Her spot starts at 4 PM.
Finally, at 5PM it gives us great pleasure to stage the world-premiere performance of the Ukulele Revolution, a collection of the Glitterati of Melbourneís Literati. Here is a bit from their latest newsletter.
Honorary Patron:   Helen Garner                            
Musical Consultant:  Taran Carter       
Artistic Consultant: Terry Denton                                           
Parliamentary Patron:  The Hon. Glenyys Romanes
(President, Upper House, Victorian Parliament)
Coordinators:  Barry Carozzi & Myron Lysenko
Among the musical highlights will be many songs written by members of the Ukulele Revolution, along with some old favorites:
Ukulele La La            The Ukulele Revolution           The Orgy Song           Soft & Sensual     
Sarah Cowan with her award winning song, Men            Rhonda Stewart's Paranoia Song
Phong Lam's      I am Phong            Myron Lysenko    How are you?         Faith Kelly    We love to sing  
A Romantic duet: Baby it's cold outside, featuring Louise Le Nay and Barry Carozzi
and featuring,
with The Ukulele Revolution:
Helen Garner,
playing Folsom Prison Blues and Don't Fence Me In
and many many more
Please Note:  This musical menu is subject to change
I hope this has whetted your appetites, I know Iím salivating.
I will as usual be passing around the table-top croquet box of generosity to part you from your money ($5, $2 donations if you can afford it ) so that our performers can afford some non-sectarian cheer. I will not sing any carols
See youse Sunday
8 October 2006
Greetings Gamuteers
By this stage of the year you must be heartily sick of pulling up weeds from the garden. Why not let our good friends Global Warming and the Drought take care of those pesky plants for you. Come on down to the Whole Gamut Acoustic Music Club for a Sunday afternoon of music, possibly poetry and definitely gardening tips.
Thatís this Sunday, 8 October, at the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, corner of Weston Street.
This week our entertainment will be
3.15 Ryan Downey, a promising seedling with loads of potential making his debut at the Gamut. An early bloomer with great cropping potential.
4.00 Penelope Swales, a hardy perennial and proven favourite in a range of climatic conditions. Has bloomed well all round Australia and overseas. Full cultivation notes available at
5.00 Julian Cassar and Peter Russo
Theyíve been stung by the wind and driven by the snow, but these tried and trusty favourites just keep getting better. They say that old trees just grow stronger, and rivers get wilder everyday. Well, Julian and Peter will show you why.
Of course, Iíll be passing around the table-top croquet box of generosity so that we can reward our performers with fertilizers and other trace elements. $5 for the employed, $2 or what you can afford for the not-so-employed, or what ever you can afford, if anything. Itís up to you really. Iíll be spreading lots of manure as usual and Iíve sharpened up the secateurs.
See ewes there

10 September 2006
Welcome to a glorious spring Sunday afternoon of music and poetry on 10 September at the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, corner of Weston Street.
This week our entertainment will be
3.15 Raelene Bruinsma
Raelene is one of our favourite performers. Sheíll be performing songs from her latest CD and some old favourites. Hereís a review of the CD to whet your appetite.
"Dancing Stars and Moonlit Mountains" is a fine uncluttered acoustic album with lots of soul. From the opening bars of the upbeat blues number "Climb the Mountain" with its raw energy to the mellow "Summermoonlight" and "Dancing with the Stars" Raelene's smooth and at times soaring vocals draws the listener into her world. "The Trouble With Timing" is a clever play on words that most people will relate to. There is a change of pace with the jazz number "Twisted" with Raelene's voice in full flight and some fine trumpet solos. Raelene has written all but two of the 13 tracks on the album and has gathered a fine bunch of musicians to bring out their best. Humour, pathos and songs to make you want to dance - it's all there on Raelene's new release "Dancing Stars and Moonlit Mountains".
Carmel Charlton - President WA Folk Federation
Find out more about Raelene at
4.00 Chloe Hall
Read all about Chloe in this weekís Moreland Leader.
Chloe has been playing music all her life and won her first songwriting award at age 14. An early love of Irish folk music led her on a fruitful journey as a teenage troubadour, from open mic nights in Melbourne to countless stages on the Australian folk circuit through the mid to late 90ís. After studying voice and composition at the Conservatorium at Melbourne University, she left to carve out a career as a contemporary singer/songwriter.
Chloe has built a reputation for her beautiful voice, well-crafted songs and warm, heartfelt performances. She has performed extensively, everywhere from folk and acoustic clubs to larger venues and major festivals, most recently touring Australia with cellist James Hazelden launching her third album, White Street.
Find out more at
5.00 Three Piece Suit
Three Piece Suit were formed in the wee months of 2006 by school buddies Tom Blain and David Paterson, to be later joined by former work colleague Tristain Hall. Although strange at first, the combination of Coburg, Dingley and Geelong began to take shape. Three Piece suit have many influences ranging from rock to blues to folk, employing acoustic guitars, mandolin and the occasional banjo if you look hard enough. Theyíve been gigging around for a little while now with an ever growing collection of songs, thatís sure to grab your interest if acoustic music is your passion.
Peter Russo will be your genial host this week. He will be passing around the hat of generosity so that we can reward our performers with petrol and beer money (a heady, high-octane mix not recommended for the inexperienced!) $5 for the employed, $2 or what you can afford for the not-so-employed, or what ever you can afford, if anything. Itís up to you really.

12 November 2006
Faye White
Tom Bolton
Betty Means Business

13 August 2006
Welcome to another Sunday afternoon of the finest folk music on 13 August.
This week our entertainment will be
Jeremy P Martin
Jeremy is a reformed punk rocker from New Zealand who has settled in Melbourne. He has extensive solo acoustic experience with many tours and CDs under his belt. Find out more by visiting his website, and of course by coming along on Sunday.
Nyssa Bradsworth
Singer/Songwriter Nyssa Bradsworth has a style rooted in the folk tradition. Nyssa began performing at the age of 14 as a solo artist in the country town of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria, performing at venues such as Festival Hall and the Victorian Arts Centre. Nyssa has won numerous Kool Skools awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Acoustic Song, as well as many singing and song writing awards.
You can check out more info and listen to Nyssa at
The Beenies
The Beenies are an all female trio who combine stunning vocal harmonies with traditional and original tunes to create an exciting and individual sound.
Their self-titled debut cd has been met with great enthusiasm by national and international audiences, and their new release Both Near and Far shows that they are continuing to grow and to take the Australian Folk scene by storm.
Through their enthusiasm and passion they bring a fresh vitality and energy to an old tradition.
You can also sample the Beenies at their website
At 5.30 this week the David Holmes Band will be on for a couple of hours.
David Holmes is a songwriter, blessed with a rolls royce of a baritone voice. His songs are all about Melbourne, the city that he has called home for most of his life, although he has travelled and performed interstate and overseas for many years.
A keen observer of human nature, David's sweetly bent lyrical perspective seemingly focuses on many of the characters of the city, but a closer listen reveals a more universal view. These are stories that happen to a million people in a thousand different places every day, and that is their greatest strength.
David has just finished his most recent CD Heartache Moon with the able help of Bruce Hames(piano, hammond), Peter Beulke (bass), Jeff Pickard (drums) and Jeff Burnstin (guitars). It contains 11 original new songs and 3 stunning covers.
Having always wanted a website and not having any clue as to how to do it, Ive signed up with uncle Ruperts myspace site too. Log on and hear why I never really made it. You can listen to songs and download them too. (Youll notice I have not many friends.) Im trying to do a Whole Gamut page too. (But failed!)
As usual I will be passing around the wooden table-top croquet box of generosity so that we can reward our performers with petrol and beer money (a heady, high-octane mix not recommended for the inexperienced!) $5 for the employed, $2 or what you can afford for the not-so-employed, or what ever you can afford, if anything. Its up to you really.

I've lost this lot.
Here are some of the newsletters we've sent out in the past.
11 February 2007
Suzette Herft
Jeremy P Martin
Beyond Barricades

Whole Gamut 11 February 2007
Greetings Gamuteers and happy New Year to you all.  I hope we've all been able to get rid of the last of the sand from our underwear and navels and have joyfully embraced our regular humdrum lives. Gees it's hot and dry isn't it?  Paul Keating had the recession we had to have and now Johnny Howard is having the global warming we have to have so as we can build our very own nuclear reactor.  Life is beaut. 

But don't fret, I'll be having my February bath on Saturday night in the old sheep dip out the back (the water's gone a bit green and thick but I reckon it'll do me until the next rains come) so I'll be fresh and clean to welcome you all back the Whole Gamut Acoustic Music club on Sunday, February 11, kicking off at three o'clock.  This month we welcome back two old favourites and greet a superb new act.

3.15 Jeremy P Martin
Jeremy has extensive solo acoustic experience with many tours and CDs under his belt. Find out more by visiting his website, and of course by coming along on Sunday.
Find out more about Jeremy by following the link below

4.00 Suzette Herft
Suzette has been writing a big swag of new songs and she wants to try out a few on us before hitting the recording studios later in the year.  And judging by the e-mail she sent to all the people on her list it's been thirsty work because she wants to have a drink with everyone.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Suzette was a finalist in APRA's 2005 bestest folksong of the year award. (Or something like that.)

5.00 Beyond Barricades
Beyond Barricades is a folk acoustic trio that blends the modern art of breaking melodic and harmonic boundaries with the ancient art of storytelling.  Parables of freedom, connection with the land, connection with each other; parables of everyman and everywoman, are some and harmonized, accompanied by guitar, flute and oboe.

Dean Merlino (voice and flute), the band's main songwriter, has performed in every state in Australia.  His songs have won acclaim overseas, with previous bands receiving airplay in the USA and Canada, France and the UK.

Geza Paukovic (guitar), has toured up and down the east coast, from Hobart to Canberra and Bowen.  He has also played across Eastern Europe.

Judi Mitchell (voice and oboe), has performed coast-to-coast across Australia.  She has also played and recorded in England and Scotland.  Recording with Belle and Sebastian, Judi joined them on their 2004 Australian tour.

Their wealth of experience in both music and lights, and their belief in the triumph of the human spirit, combined to create moving and at times intense performances. Check them out at

As usual I'll be passing amongst you all with the collection plate so that we can help to cover the performers' costs.  Gold coins or five bills will do, depends on what you can afford.  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at the Whole Gamut Acoustic Music club, in the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd Brunswick.