The Whole Gamut Acoustic Music Club has ceased to function. It is caput. It is all over, red rover.

It was fun while it lasted, but it seems that people prefer their music served up in a big dollup at a folk festival once a year where only semi-professionals or professionals get the gigs. The people have spoken.

Still, the Whole Gamut is proud of its achievements in giving new artists a start and old favourites a spot to try new stuff in front of an audience that listened and appreciated what they heard.

So thanks to all who came to sing, who came to play and who came to keep the dark away.

Also thanks to the Corkman Irish Pub, The Brunswick Hotel and the other place that used to be a post office that let us have a venue.

Lots of love

Peter Russo, Peter Anderson (Captain Accordian) and Peter Pentland (Hayseed)

PS You can still download all of Peter Pentland's Me Beaut Little Fergie Tractor Album and his Haiku Radio of the Air radio series (in glorious mp3 format) should you dare follow the link to his page.